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Thank you for considering buying a gift on this page!

IN OUR increasingly global environment we offer you the opportunity of giving twice — first, to someone less fortunate on the other side of the world, and then again, to a friend or family member you care about closer to home. Giving twice = twice the pleasure!

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to see a sample of the Christmas gift e-card


WE SUGGEST that you make a donation for our positively AFRICA projects. In return, we will email you one of our specially made gift cards for your personal gift giving.
The card will explain that your donation, however large or small, will increase our funding providing health care to HIV positive and vulnerable children and adults in Kenya, Africa.
You might prefer to donate $125 for a goat which provides milk and some income for a family, or $25 to help fill a tank with clean water in a Masai village.
By giving, you may truly save a life. You will certainly make a profound difference for someone in desperate need.
It will be a joy to know that others were helped in your name, and we, positively AFRICA, are most grateful for the opportunity to help you with your shopping.

How does this web-page work?

  1. Choose your gift below by clicking in the appropriate box.
  2. If you wish to receive a simple card (sent to you via e-mail) check the box below. We will do our best to email you the card within four days.
  3. If you wish to receive a paper card please let us know by dropping us a line at
  4. Provide a little contact information about yourself so we can send the card.
  5. Send a cheque, and we will trust that your payment is forthcoming and will not wait to receive it before we email you the gift card.

Please submit a separate e-form for each gift you buy. [However, you don't need to enter all of your contact information over and over again.]

On behalf of our partners and friends in Africa, we THANK YOU!

If you are making these purchases as gifts for someone, please let us know if you want the cards to go to them and provide their email address and the salutation. We will put “A gift of a _______ [i.e.. goat] has been made to _______ [i.e., Osopet] in your name. Salutation [i.e., Merry Christmas] from _______ [i.e., Andrew]”

A goat is also of tremendous benefit to families struggling due to HIV. It is a source of family pride and offers nourishing milk and, in time, baby goats—thus providing an income to the family. There are two goat projects—run by Osopet and Nissi. Please make your cheque payable to positively AFRICA

Please make your cheque payable to positively AFRICA.

Enter amount here: $
Any amount of your choosing would be so helpful. Such donations are highly appreciated because they allow positively AFRICA to allocate money where and when it is needed most. Often we receive requests for support from people in very desperate situations. We need to act quickly. Please make your cheque payable to positively AFRICA.

* indicates a required field

This simple e-card is something you can print out and give as you like.
[You can see a sample that we use for Christmas at the bottom of this page.]


[Examples: 'Dear Kirin'; 'Hi Sweetie!' 'Congratulations Deb!']
[For example: 'I hope you enjoy this Kenyan Goat!'. You can also include your name here. For example: 'From your loving Aunt, Margo'].


Thank you! positively AFRICA – 2092 Byron St., Victoria, BC, V8R 1L9


Once you submit this form you will see a confirmation page. This may take a minute to load — please be patient and do not navigate away from the page before it is loaded. The address for you to send the cheque to is there as well.


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to see a sample of the Christmas gift e-card for a Kenyan goat purchase. Your personalized card will be emailed to you as a .pdf. The text that is blue is content you can write yourself by filling in the form above. The image at the bottom of the card matches the gift item you select.


Do you have questions about this web page or the work of positively AFRICA?

Please know that our organization is fuelled by skilled volunteers that work closely with the African NGOs who run these projects. We make sure your money is well spent. We review all our partner projects to ensure accountability and help them develop their overall capacity. Our vision is always to help communities move towards long-term sustainability. You can read more about what we do and the projects we support on this website and in our newsletters.

If you have more questions, please call or email:

Samuel Godfrey
positively AFRICA