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 A Simply Wonderful Idea for Twinkle Time!

Thank you for considering buying a gift on this page!

SOMETIMES OUR LOVED ONES have everything they need. You could give them a gift that will last for years. Nelson Mandela said it best—The most precious gift we can give children is education. African children don't have the same opportunities to education as we have in Canada. Through positively AFRICA you, and your family or friends, can contribute to educating a child.

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THIS YEAR positively AFRICA is working with a Canadian charity, Enterprise4Good, to raise money for building a school in Kibera—the second largest slum of sub-Saharan Africa. You can donate in the name of a friend or family member. By making a donation to positively AFRICA for the school you not only give a gift to your loved one, but also to the bright children of Soweto Junior, many of whom know discrimination because of HIV. With education, these children can become stars!

Here is how it works

  1. Choose the gift range for the donation you will give.
  2. If you wish to receive an electronic gift card, come back to this page after your payment is completed, check the box below, fill in the forms and click Submit. We do our best to email those to you within a week.
  3. If you wish to receive a paper card, check the box below – know that this will be subject to Canada Postal delays.
  4. Provide the needed contact information so we can send the card.
  5. Use the Donate button if you use PayPal, or send a check in the mail to positively AFRICA, 3047 Washington Street, Victoria BC V9A 1P7
  6. Once you submit the form below you will see a confirmation page. this may take a minute to load, a good time to patiently give thanks for what we have.
  7. Take a deep breath knowing that you have made life a little easier for several African families.

Please submit a separate e-form for each gift you buy. [However, you don't need to enter all of your contact information over and over again.]

On behalf of our partners and friends in Africa, we THANK YOU!

All donations, except the $20 donation, will receive a tax receipt
Please make your cheque payable to positively AFRICA.

Enter amount here: $
All donations over $30 will receive a tax receipt.

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This simple e-card is something you can print out and give as you like.
[You can see a sample that we use for Christmas at the bottom of this page.]


[Examples: 'Dear Kirin'; 'Hi Sweetie!' 'Congratulations Deb!']
[For example: 'I hope you enjoy this gift of education'. You can also include your name here. For example: 'From your loving Aunt, Margo'].


Thank you! positively AFRICA


Once you submit this form you will see a confirmation page. This may take a minute to load — please be patient and do not navigate away from the page before it is loaded. The address for you to send the cheque to is there as well.


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to see a sample of the Christmas gift e-card. Your personalized card will be emailed to you as a .pdf. The text that is blue is content you can write yourself by filling in the form above. The image at the bottom of the card matches the gift item you select.