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of the project criteria.

Project Criteria

HOW DO WE DECIDE which projects to fund?  The things that are important to us are listed below.  Your project may not meet all of these criteria but it should meet most of them. We have tried to make these criteria clear and easy to understand.  

1. HIV/AIDS:  Projects must help people who have HIV/AIDS or people who are in the family of someone who has or had HIV/AIDS.  Projects must help people who are weak, sick, poor or vulnerable and who need support. 

2. Community:  A group of people in the local community must support the project. Projects must involve everyone who is affected by the project.  These people need to be included in planning, doing and judging the project. 

3. Inclusion:  The benefits of a project must be available to anyone who needs the project's help. For example, a project will help a Christian or Moslem, a man or a woman,  a young person or an old person.   Differences are not important and everyone who needs help is given help.  If some people do not benefit, an explanation why they are not included must be given.   

4. Gender:  Men and women should both be treated fairly and with respect.  A person’s gender must not affect the help he or she gets or the positions that he or she can have in an organization.  If  the project helps only women or only girls, an explanation why men or boys are not included must be given.   

5. Cost:  Projects can receive a maximum of $CDN 5,000 from positively AFRICA

6. Grassroots:  We usually support organizations that are small, new and are started by local people.  We want to help organizations that cannot get help in other ways. 

7. Commitment:  Partner organizations must show their commitment to a project and their ability to manage it successfully, openly and honestly. 

8. Communication:  Partner organizations must be able to report regularly about the money and progress of a project.  The reports should be in English and sent by email. 

9. Sustainability:  Partner organizations must have a plan to continue in the future without the money and support from positively AFRICA. 

10. Environment:  Partner organizations must protect the environment.  This is especially true of projects that involve farming, building, waste and sanitation.

If you believe your project meets our criteria and you would like more information or an application form, email us at