positively AFRICA seeks out and supports grassroot projects that are responsibly managed, high-impact, innovative and led by local community leaders. We contribute to projects that aid or empower the most vulnerable, especially orphans, disabled children, youth and adults with compromised health. We also focus on supporting "dirt-floor" organizations: new groups that have yet to establish the formal structures required to access conventional resources but are doing urgently needed work.

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A project called Kidundu

A name says a lot about Kenyan organizations, and the full name, KIDUNDU COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKERS UNITED SELF HELP GROUP, tells us that group focuses on solutions to the challenges of HIV by developing self-help projects.

Kidundu was formed and is run by trained community health workers working with several health centers in Vihiga County, Kenya. The group was formed in April 2012 and was legally registered with the Ministry of Culture and Social Services. They are a diverse group with membership, beneficiaries and benefactors cutting across all religions, age, political affiliations, social status and even HIV/AIDS status.

Their main objectives are:

  1. To educate and create awareness on health, family planning and nutrition within the community.
  2. To initiate measures on control, management and prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS.
  3. To act as the link between the health service providers and the community.
  4. To support and help to people affected by HIV/AIDS.
  5. To establish model income generating projects and activities.

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South Africa Cooperation with Ukalapha Community Outreach Project

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When positively AFRICA volunteers learned that there was a need for nutritional input for the students at Slangspruit Primary School, they offered to support a pilot project, with the help of the Community Access Team. The school is located in a part of South Africa where the incidence of HIV remains extremely high and the stigma is so huge that no one seems to talk about it. Ironically. Death reports never list it as the cause of death, allowing the stigma to continue to prevent an open dialogue. Carolyn Burns, once a Victoria resident, lives near the school. She started Ukalapha to assist, especially orphaned students, and is looking at the impact of enhanced and balanced nutrition on these children, who had little opportunity outside the school to eat fruits and vegetables.

The students apparently get very excited when an apple or an orange arrives with their lunch, which now includes a few vegetables. This improved diet seems to help learners stay alert in the classroom.

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