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positively AFRICA is fueled by volunteers. Without question it is their talents, gifts and energy which have enabled positively AFRICA to achieve such impressive results in our short history.

There are many, many people to add to this page — it is a work in progress.


Ron Nye

DURING THE YEARS I had a practice in psychotherapy, I learned to train a Mac computer to somewhat cooperate with me, and I studied layout, type, etc. As a result, I was able to typeset the journal I then edited/published, Heartwood: a journal of experience, expression and odyssey. I also designed and created my own, and then others', pamphlets, posters and business cards.

Once retired from practice, I worked part-time designing and producing web sites. In 2010, I was invited to join the positively AFRICA team as their webmaster.

I was happy to join in this worthy enterprise and to be given the chance to make this small contribution to the group's efforts.

Sabine Laubental

SABINE LAUBENTAL has been our volunteer coordinator since March 2009. Now retired, she worked for many years as a social worker and employment counsellor. Her interest in Africa began while singing with a community choir, which performs an annual benefit concert for the village in Mozambique. Because of her own loss of vision (she is legally blind), Sabine worked to develop an eye care program for the village, with very positive results. The program has been taken on by an international organization.

Sabine has also worked with an international development organization to establish a fund for a microcredit project in Zambia.

It was this interest in microcredit that brought her to positively AFRICA where she initially sat on a committee exploring the viability of microfinance for one of positively AFRICA's partners. Once her wonderful organizational skills and thoughtful and creative approach to problems became apparent to us, she was invited to become the volunteer coordinator. We are very fortunate to have her enthusiasm and skills to assist pA in its work.

In her spare time, Sabine loves reading, gardening, good films, music, and walking.

Honour Roll: Past Volunteers

Peter Bardon

PETER was the Co-Founder of positively AFRICA and made an invaluable contribution to the organization for many years. Peter remains an ardent supporter of positively AFRICA. He now lives in Vancouver where he continues to pursue projects in support of development in Africa.

Peter's relationship with Africa began in 2005 when he was able to live his long-delayed desire to contribute to the welfare of children in need. He loves exchanges with youth, especially teenagers — with whom he can engage in frank discussions of often-taboo subjects. His desire is to see children grow up with self-confidence and with opportunities to reach their potential.

Peter is an inspiring fund-raiser. You can't say no to Peter when greeted by his enthusiasm, charm and kindness. His helping hands are behind many of the past successes of positively AFRICA.


Peter Bardon